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Every day thousands of new website are added to the Internet and it is getting harder and harder to find good sites with reliable information.  The problem is not that no good websites are being built.  Good reliable websites are being added to the web every day.  The problem is that for every good website that is added to the internet, there are 100 bad websites added.  Websites that do not care about providing the correct info, websites that unwittingly spread lies and websites that knowing lies to make money.  I created All-links.info to try to make it a little bit easier to find good websites.  We only list the absolutely best websites.  Exactly what this means can vary from topic to topic.

What makes a good website

A good website is a site that:

  • Is easy to read and contain a lot of illustrations.
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Looks good and is not unnecessarily stressing the eye.
  • Works well in all browser and all units.
  • Is written using correct language and correct grammar.

And most importantly of all

  • Provides correct and reliable information without biases or hidden agendas.

On this website, I focus on the information a website over everything else.  An informative website that features a lot of reliable information will get listed on this website even if it isn’t mobile friendly and even if it is ugly.  I focus on the quality of the information provided above all other things.   It is a large plus if a website meets all criteria for being a good website but in the end, it is the quality of the content that will decide if a website get listed or not.

The reason for this is that the quality of information can have real-life implications.  How to website looks or how well it works on different units makes little real difference besides making the site hard to use for some.   Let us look at a couple of examples to explain what I mean.

Example 1:  Online casino


Let us pretend that you are contemplating online gambling you want to know more about your chances of winning money and about different online casinos.  An honest website with reliable information will tell you that the odds are always against you and that you are very likely to lose money.  How much you are likely to lose will depend on what games you want to play.  They will review some casino favourable while they will review other less favourable.   They will also warn you about how the bonuses work and what you should know before you accept a casino bonus.  This information will allow you to make an informed decision of whether you want to start gambling or not.  Some might say yes,  I am willing to lose some money for the entertainment it gives me.  Other would say no, I am not going to gamble if I am likely to lose money.  None of these decisions are wrong as long as they are made based on facts.

If you visit a website that lies to you and says that you can win using their secret techniques and that recommends scam casinos than you might make a decision that is guaranteed to lose you money. That can have a significant impact on your life.  Especially if you choose to gamble using the money you can not afford to lose using the secret method that allows you to win money.  This can cause you to be unable to pay the bills or buy food.  It is why it is so important that the information is correct.  How well a website looks or functions will never have these types of real-life consequences.

Example 2: Investing


In this example, we will pretend that you have some extra money that you want to invest to earn extra money.  You do not know anything about investing and turn to the internet to learn more.  If you visit a high-quality, honest website, you will be told to look for a low-risk investment like a blue-chip stock or a low-fee index fund. If you know that you are going to need the money in the next two years, you might want to invest in something with an even lower risk factor, such as government bonds or place your money in a savings account.

If you visit a less reliable website, you might get tricked into investing your money in high-risk, high-return investments such as binary options.  This is almost guaranteed to make you lose your money.  90% of everyone who trades binary options lose money. You are almost guaranteed to be among the 90% that lose money since you do not know anything about trading, and you have to be very skilled to make money with binary options.  An honest trading website will warn you about the high risk and will feature guides on how you can reduce the risk and increase your chances of being one of the few who profit from high-risk trading.

Example 3:  Pets

Medium-sized pacu fish.

Let us pretend that you have seen a fish that you like, a pacu, in the pet store, and you want to add it to your aquarium.  As a responsible pet owner, you decide to research the species before you buy it.  You quickly discover that the species grows way too large for your aquarium, over 2 ft and that the species is not suitable for aquariums, only for large ponds.  You decide to not get the species.  If you had visited a less responsible website, you might have seen information that they only grow to a smaller size if kept in a smaller aquarium and that it is okay for you to get it.  This is not true, but this myth is widespread.  If you end up buying a fish, you will get a fish that you can not care for, that will suffer in your care, that will grow way too large for your tank, and that might even break your aquarium once it grows large, causing property damage in your home.  An example of why reliable pet information is so important.

These three examples show why high-quality, reliable information is the most important factor to get listed on this website.