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The best video game related links.

  • Electronics art
    The developer behind FIFA, MADDEN and many other famous games.
  • Pokemon
    The official website.
  • Nintendo
    Official website
  • Bethesda
    The developer behinds games such as Fallout and the elder scrolls

This is the section about video games, including home console games, PC games (computer games), arcade games, and mobile games.

In 2015, video games generated sales amouting to 74 billion USD. In the United States, video games were the third-largest segment in the entertainment market – only broadcast and cable TV were bigger.

A video games is an electronic game where a user interface is utilized to generate visual feedback. The display device used for a video game can for instance be a computer monitor, a TV screen, an arcade game screen, a VR headset, or the screen of mobile phone. Most video games are still two-dimensional, but the market for 3D games – including those played using a virtual reality headset – is growing.

The nascent of the video game industry

The video game industry grew big in the 1980s and video games are today considered an essential part of the entertainment industry. The 1978 – 1982 period is generally considered to be the golden age of (coin-operated) arcade video games, with video arcades opening in many cities around the globe. People could also play at home using consoles such as Atari 2600 and Intellivison combined with their TV, but this was still quite unusual. In 1983, a new generation of consoles labelled the third generation began to appear. They were 8-bit units, and they remained popular well into the 1990s, despite heavy competition from 16-bit fourth generation consoles from 1987 and onward. The fifth generation – 32 bit and 64 bit consoles – dominated the market from 1993 to the mid-2000s.

Home computer gaming

Home computer gaming became popular after the video game crash of 1983, but in the 1990s the PC games lost quite a lot of mass-market interest to the new console games. As digital distribution became a thing in the mid naughties, and really powerful personal computers became not just available but also affordable, PC gaming enjoyed a strong resurgence. Compared to console gaming, PC gaming offers a more customizable experience since the player have more freedome to select hardware and software based on their own preferences and budgets.