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Household economy links

The best household economy related links.

In this section, you will find information that can help you manage your household economy in an efficient and goal-oriented way.

To proper managedment of household funds in a multi-faceted subject that includes everything from budgeting to investing. It can be as immediate and down-to-earth as a packed lunch and as etheral and future-focused as putting retirment savings into a fund that invests in space exploration.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for households, since each household is different. With that said, there are a few things that apply to many of us, at least if we live in industrialized or post-industrialized societies. One such key factor is insurance, since the lack of suitable insurance can wreck havoc with any household economy if a crisis occurs, such as disease, accidents, unemployment, or law suits.

For most households, housing costs eats up a major chunk of the household economy so that is another aspect that is important to look at with a critical eye if you want to get your economy on track. It’s not just about paying rent or a mortage, but also about maintaing the living space and dealing pro-actively with various issues pertining to our homes. Generally speaking, a home owner needs to have more of a buffert available for maintanance than a renter, but excactly how sheltered you are as a renter depends a lot on the type of rental agreement, your landlord, and applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

Food is another facet of household economy where most of us could benefit from get stricter than we are. Weekly and monthly budgeting can do wonders, especially if you are experiencing a “lifestyle creep” where any increases in available income seem to automatically be consumed by sprawling food costs, e.g. from eating out more often, not cooking from scratch, buying on a whin instead of following the seasons, and so on.